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Member Story - Cracked Windshield:
“I'm a Realtor and a Pre-Paid Legal Member in St. Louis, Mo. I use the service as often as heavenly possible. I wanted to tell you that [lawyer] at the [provider law firm] did an "Outstanding Job!" when my windshield was cracked. A Construction Truck lost mud and rocks on the highway cracking my windshield. I talked to the driver who said call the number on the truck. I called the company and they said, there is nothing we can do and that someone took them to court for a windshield before and lost because it is "Natural Causes." So I picked up the phone called the number on my card and they answered on the 1st ring (1 or 2 always). Then, I talked to [lawyer]. She was "Great!" A Few days later, she mailed me a duplicate letter that she wrote them. Fantastic Letter! Then, a few days after that, I got a check for $232.10 for a new windshield! Isn't that Awesome! I'm a 3 Year Member and I Still Love It! "If There's No Way, Try the Pre-Paid Way,". I like that. Thank You [lawyer] and Thank You Pre-Paid Legal!”

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