American Lion, Inc.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to help business owners grow and protect their business and also help their employee's families.To help businesses grow and manage risk, with solution benefits for clients in three areas:

  • Legal
  • Theft Risk Management
  • Business Consultation

We strive to provide access to a full range of innovative business coverage plans that are available for small to medium sized clients and help smaller businesses "level the playing field" by providing the access to legal and consultive advise that typicaly only large corporations can afford.  We seek to form and nurture mutually beneficial relationships through networking to bring members new connections with large numbers of people, some of whom will become customers.  We provide an invaluable opportunity to individuals that will truly change their future and their family's future.

We provide individuals the opportunity to start their own business and make a living while making a difference.

Our sales force comprised of independent associates across the United States and Canada are involved with our company because it provides them unlimited income potential and the ability to set their own hours. They receive the neccessary time to get the results they desire. The service they share with others is believed something everyone needs and is affordable.

The members benefit greatly from the legal shield service and identity theft risk management plans. They receive access to professional legal counsel for things such as buying a house or a car; creating a will; handling an situation with an insurance company; dealing with identity theft; and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is.

These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review. For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away.

We take pride in protecting your business and family by providing resuources to legal and identity theft management tools at an affordable rate.

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