American Lion, Inc. 

"Our Pride is Protecting Yours"

Our Mission:

To help business owners grow and protect their businesses.

To form and nurture mutually beneficial relationships through networking and to bring members new connections with large numbers of people, some of whom will become customers. 

To provide opportunity to individuals that will truly change their future and to their family's future. 

By hosting, attending and participating in various networking events we have the ability to provide opportunities to individual's seeking unique and professional network connections. 

This is a very successful way to do business and meet many business owners, entrepreneurs and visionaries.  

Hosting and attending events we develop relationships with different people from all walks of life. 

We have a sincere "passion" for what we do and the people we work with.

It takes people of vision to identify future trends and courage to be a leader that embraces new solutions. 

Share these solutions by attending an American Lion Inc. Business networking event. 

You'll know we take pride in protecting yours.

Spread the news and share the opportunity with like minded individuals. 

Brought to you buy American Lion, Inc. Business Networking Group........

Networking with other business owners, sharing ideas and challenges of the entrepreneur and small business owner. 

How to build your "warm market" is just one of the topics discussed here.
This is a short video of a "boardroom session" that I mediate at the networking events I host. This is not your "run-of-the-mill" networking event.

People meet, break bread, share a meal and have their cake and eat it to.
All the while helping other business owners and getting answers to their own business challenges. 



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Forming and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, which brings you new connections with large numbers of people, some of whom will become good customers.


Puts you in touch with other resources and industry experts, who can help your business. Nothing beats the power of a face-to-face meeting and a handshake to build lasting camaraderie and good-fellowship!

"what make your events different compared with other networking events?" 


Our attendees are interviewed to ensure they meet our expectations and that we meet theirs prior to attending an event. Time is the most priceless contribution anyone can offer, and we won't waste yours.


As the hosts we are active throughout the  event, introducing attendees, stimulating conversations and making sure you get the most out of every introduction and prospective  opportunity.


We follow up with our guests after the event to ensure they have experienced a valuable, personable and quality event every time.

Many "Networking" hosts/organizers are overwhelmed or just too busy to recognize what the guest/attendee's expectations are in making their connection and engaging in valuable, stimulating conversations. 

Making lasting connections. 

Introduction is not a natural behavior to everyone. 

There needs to be a facilitator/host to assist in proper introduction and introduce the "Business of the 21st Century" to their guest/attendee. 

Join one of our networking events you'll see and feel a difference.  

Creating a community of successful small business owners is just one of our foundations. 

Let us hear about you. 

Contact us and begin your  journey.

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